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About the Club

​Founded in January 2012 - The purpose of our club is to enable guitar players, and others, to meet up and play together.

We cater for any style or genre. Our members are all interested in learning new styles and techniques.

Membership ranges widely in terms of age and ability, from Improver to Pro, with just one common denominator - the love of guitars and music. As long as you've got a reasonable grasp of Open Chords, you'll find something you can contribute to


We also have Drummers, Vocalists, Bass and even a Sax player, amongst our number. Hence, we  also breakout in band formats and work towards performances standard and occasional concerts

Our main aim is to devote as much time as possible to actually playing during our sessions. To do this, we often nominate a number of tracks to learn for the next session. The organiser tries to send out tabs/chord sheets for members to use. We also have more 'open' jamming spots where we hope to try out our improvisation skills and try out new styles and techniques.


Most of us play both electric and Acoustic and are keen to try a wide range of genres - mostly pop and rock music - we have a new Blues Group just getting off the ground in 2017.

We are fortunate in having some very good guitarists who help run the sessions and provide help to us lesser talented strummers. We are not, however, a Guitar school, so you need to have, at least, a basic grasp of the main Open Chords in order to take part in the songs we play. 

We have a few Youtube videos from a concert we did in 2015/6. Just search on YT for Hampshire Guitar Club. Our Bands will be working towards more concerts in the near future. We like to give everyone the opportunity to play in a band, just for fun or to work towards a performance.


It's also an opportunity for players to meet up with potential (future) band members or jamming buddies.

Most of all we try to have fun
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