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For the best in Guitar Tuition

Jimmy Alford - Southampton Guitar Lessons

There's no better way to advance your guitar playing, than to have one to one tuition with a professional.

Jimmy is a full time musician and guitar tutor. He was also intrumental in helping get the club off the ground and continues to play a leading role in the musical side of the club. Jimmy currently performs with the highly acclaimed Metal group 'Metaprism'. winner of the local Battle of the Bands competition, Metaprism recently performed at the prestigious 'Bloodstock' festival and received rave reviews.


Jimmy Alford has been playing guitar for over 15 years and has over 10 years experience in education and as a music tutor. He is also a partner with the SoCo project at the Courthouse where we hold our sessions.


He's also volunteered as a tutor at Winnall Rock School, mentoring students aged 10-18 and helping with community outreach workshops.
He has played in bands that have toured the UK and Europe, won awards and appeared in music press as well as independently releasing recordings. Jimmy is currently working on various musical projects as well as recording his first instructional DVD.

Jimmy has studied advanced guitar, Music and Performing Arts, Music Career development, and continues to take guitar lessons himself to this day.  "You should never stop learning and it's never too late to start!"

Follow this link to Jimmy's website and book a lesson now - you'll get your 1st lesson for free.



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