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Useful Guitar related resources

Some useful stuff - check back later for new additions

The Club has developed a great range of songs for the members. Chord and Lyric sheets for all our songs are held on a cloud drive that is shared with members. The Shared Drive also has a vast array of guitar tabs

One to One Tuition (Beginner to Advanced)

Guitar Repairs etc by Tonefinder


Not happy with your guitar's wiring? Crackly pots? Sticky switches?Looking for help and advice with how to get the sound you want from your rig? Unimpressed with your guitar's current set-up be it string height, intonation or maybe even the way the neck feels?Contact me today to find out how I can help you. Tel: 07506 776 278

Free Guitar Software


Excellent 'open source' Guitar tablature editor/player

Great free software tools for Windows - includes Scale/chords/intervals references and exercises. A Tablature viewer and editor. Ear training exercises. And practice tools.


Free Tabs

The largest Guitar Pro tablature database on the net.
Seaches the internet for Guitar Pro files, collects and classifies.


You'll also find a large range of tabs on our shared cloud drive - shared with members on our email list

Backing Tracks

Very good source of free backing tracks for guitar


Another good option - Guitar Voice is good all-round guitar resource

Some of the best on-line Guitar teachers


It's not the same as personal tuition but there's lessons out there on almost every aspect of playing and none better than Justin Sandercoe's site with over 500 free lessons

Another of the very best teachers with a lot of free content is Marty Schwartz (Guitarjamz)

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